The olive oil in the Hippocratic

The company KAROUMPALIS SA under the trade name AENAON, based in Madena Messinia and produces extra virgin and organic olive oil, olive oil suggested uses according to Hippocrates.

In the Hippocratic Code found more than sixty medicinal uses for olive oil, most important use against skin diseases and as a contraceptive means. Indeed, a clear separation of oil, which, combined with wheat and wine, is the basis of Hippocratic other dietary oils, such as mastic tree, the oak and bitter almonds.

In his book “Diet and Therapeutics”, Hippocrates wrote about oil: “The exercises in the dust and exercises with oil differ: The dust is cold, the oil is hot. In winter the oil more conducive to development, because the coldness prevents removed from the body. In summer the oil producing melts the flesh as it warms up due to age. The massaged with oil and water soothes the body and not let it get too hot. ”

With hot oil anoint women who miscarried, and mainly in cases of advanced pregnancy and in cases metrorrhagias given a mixture of wild olive leaves boiled in vinegar. To facilitate childbirth preparation suggests “Creating and resin contagiosum (kokorevithias), honey and oil in an amount double the previous and aromatic wine,” which he must drink or rates.

Other applications of olive oil mentioned by Hippocrates was the treatment of chronic fevers, small wounds, filter cake, as the monks and abscesses, sore gums, and to maintain the whiteness of the teeth and as an antidote in cases of minor poisoning .

Plutarch in “Ethics” refers to the treatment of mastitis with water and oil “ydrelaio.”

For the ancient healing on all the finest of olive oils was what gave the olive tree, which was a bit rare, and the first pressing of olive oil (omfakinon) obtained with the “soft” olive crushing and without the interference of hot water. According to Pliny, the oil obtained by pressing the first olive tree when they are still white (immature), and secondly when the olive begins to change color without, however, has matured. The first omfakikon is white, the second green. The second is good for the gums and are excellent to keep teeth white.

In the inscriptions of the famous Asclepius Levina, in Crete, where worshiped Soteira healthy body, states that “God gave a directive to be placed on the oyster shell, having burned and sanded to make it smooth with oil scented with roses and mallow oil “. In the sanctuary of Asclepius the oil used to manufacture special ointments and remedies.

Beverages, finally, olive leaves and flowers were used as cold drops for irritated eyes and the stomach ulcer.