The Importance of the olive oil in our diet

The importance of the olive and its products in the diet in antiquity testifies Sophocles.Calls it “paidotrofon”: … that thrives more on this earth here: galanofylli the olive tree, which nourishes lads.

A sample of the wealth of classical antiquity us back to Aristophanes’ Wealth “. The wine and oil are among the products contain between basic types: “Full of it ‘whiteflour, black wine cellar and the fragrant Ploskos.

Silver and gold overflowing all the utensils of the house is a miracle. Is full of oil jar, bottles and spices, figs, and the attic.

” The oil lamp was necessary as well as basic food products from the prehistoric era. The use of cooking expands the classic years. Devised complicated ways of cooking and sought innovative ideas.

Some interesting fish recipes Archestratos.To delivers the oilis used very often, usually with cheese or even vegetables. The sedges, for example,eaten with cheese and oil.

The glaucous boiled in water, oil and herbs and then they dropped the oil in the fish and put it in hot brine, according to the recipe was preserved by Oribasius. The oil was necessary for cooking the cereal fruits, vegetables and legumes, as is still the traditional Greek cuisine, particularly in areas where the olive thrives. The Oribasius gives us a more specific image, which concerns the use of olive oil in food on the main component pulses: “… when we should boil the beans well, then stir and grasping with the hands to the kettle to the turbulence in order not to be burned too much. And using oil for stews and all other accompanying that. ”

The olive oil for cooking was always very good quality, depending on production conditions prevailing in each locality. Farmers tended to consume raw (not so unusual, even today the phenomenon), or wetting with this nut or eating cooked greens and other salad. The oil is not only used in cooking and in baking. Athenaeus speaks of an ancient Cretan sweet was called glycine.

They manufactured it “by a sweet wine and oil.” Many sweets of ancient and modern food delivery based on olive oil. The Athenian, again, speaks of “sasamotyropagi pemmata” (fondue with sesame) that boiled in oil and “egkrides” (kind of pancakes) and the egkrides boiled in oil and dropped with honey.