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Project Description

Oregano is a powerful aromatic herb that has the ability to relieve from spasms and hiccups, facilitates digestion and whets the appetite.

Oregano aside from the characteristic aroma and flavor that leaves in the food has also many medicinal properties and 12 times more antioxidant action than oranges,

30 times more than the potatoes and 42 times more than the apples. In Ancient Greece, oregano is a symbol of joy and happiness, as wedding garlands used to contain oregano branches

among other herbs, but also as a seasoning in cooking and as one of the most basic and stronger curatives.

It is an excellent medicinal plant that also works as a natural antibiotic with antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Oregano also contains iron and large amounts of vitamin C.

The combination of oregano with the high nutritional value of olive oil gives the body energy and welfare,

as well as a delicious taste from the gastronomy of Greece.

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