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Project Description

Olive paste is a kind of soft puree made from natural table olives, packed in extra virgin olive oil and combined with herbs and spices. AENON olive paste is a natural product of selected olives,

brine and extra virgin olive oil AENAΟN, without preservatives. The AENAΟN olive paste can be enjoyed as an appetizer or accompaniment, spread on a slice of bread, preferably wholemeal,

or on crackers. It is used in many recipes with various cheeses, with meat, baguettes, sauces and vegetables. A delicious viand on your plate with the healthiest and delicious ingredients.

The AENAON olive tapenade can be preserved for a long time in the refrigerator, in small jars filled up with olive oil. That way, the olive oil covers the olive paste and prevents air from passing through and tamper it.




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