Olive oil Harvesting in Mesini Messinias

For the first time the company KAROUMPALIS SA called AENAON took part in the organization of the “Liomazoma in Messinia” with Danish tourists by offering them a unique experience:

to learn about collecting the olives themselves participating in the process, to see how elaborate the fruit of the olive and then to taste the famous agourolado along with other traditional delicacies of the place, as kapsalisto bread lalangia, sfela cheese, salt, nuts and sweets, such as folds and buns.

“They gathered olives! Paved the “liopano”, threshing and pruned branches in trees, gathered sakiasan the wrist. Then they visited the mill and the contemporary normative unit KAROUMPALIS SA Lykotrafo the village, where they saw the processing of fruit from near and tasted fresh agourolado “kapsalisto” with bread, the famous “Kapsala” and other traditional local type of products.
The same tourists were thrilled by this experience and expressed their opinion on the difficulty of picking the olives.
Meanwhile, Danish tourists expressed their discontent to the media of their country, and not only show how the problem of financial crisis in Greece and Greeks. The same we find them very friendly, hospitable, hardworking and not lazy, as described by the media in Denmark.
The company KAROUMPALIS SA called AENAON will be mainstay in the effort to spread the oil in order to acquaint the tourists processing of oil and utility of human health and daily diet, so as to become the best ambassadors in their countries.