The extra virgin olive oil AENAON KALAMATAFB_IMG_1494887208385, ”Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)”, derives from an olive variety called ‘’Koroneiki’’ which thrives in the Messinian land. Distinguished by its fruity aroma of the green olive fruit, meets all the necessary processes of vertically integrated production from cultivation to storage. Cultivation, production, pressing and storage operations are carried out exclusively within the area of Messinia. At all stages, caution and special care are required. The olive tree by no means is collected from the ground and transported in special plastic, rigid, perforated crates or bags made of plant materials. The transport and pressing must be done within 24 hours and is being stored in a shady place. The production of PDO KALAMATA olive oil lasts 4 to 6 weeks and this is exactly what makes it special. In taste, it has a medium fruity aroma of green fruit, slightly bitter and light to medium spicy. It has the ideal balance in the rules of tasting.